FIFA World Cup

nabiha imran

The World Cup trophy comes to mind when we think of it. There have been two trophies given out as prizes for the tournament champion. The Jules Rimet Trophy, named after the Frenchman who suggested the tournament, was initially awarded to Uruguay in 1930 for winning the inaugural competition. Up until the 1970 competition, the Jules Rimet trophy was given out. The 1974 competition saw the introduction of the modern trophy, which has become synonymous with triumphing in the competition. Football players often dream of having the chance to lift the championship trophy into the air, but very few ever get the chance to do so.

The supporters are an additional important component of the World Cup's prestige. Although fans play a crucial role in all sports, we don't believe there is any competition for the finest fans during the World Cup. The fans' incessant chants, songs, and sounds provide their athletes with the support they need to prevail. There are just eleven players on the field for each football side, with the spectators acting as the twelfth. The energy of the crowd, which is doing everything they can to support their team, is heard clearly.

The senior national teams of FIFA member nations will compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the 22nd iteration of the competition. From November 20 to December 18, 2022, Qatar will serve as the host country. The second World Cup to be held only in Asia occurred in 2002 in South Korea and Japan. It will be the first time ever that the Arab world will host a World Cup. The competition will feature 32 teams for the final round.

This World Cup will be hosted in the winter, making it the first to not take place in May, June, or July due to the extreme summer heat and humidity in Qatar.  This World Cup will be the first to not be hosted in May, June, or July and to take place in the northern autumn; it will be played in a shorter timeframe of 29 days because to the extreme summer heat and humidity in Qatar. At Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, the opening match will be between Qatar and Ecuador. The final will take place on December 18, 2022, which is Qatar National Day. France is the current World Cup champion after defeating Croatia 4-2 in the championship match of the most recent tournament.

Of the 32 countries that have qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, 24 participated in the last competition in 2018. Qatar was the only team to debut in his FIFA World Cup, becoming the first country to host it since Italy in 1934. As a result, the 2022 tournament will be the first World Cup in which no team has survived. debuted after qualifying. The Netherlands, Ecuador, Ghana, Cameroon, and the United States have returned to the tournament after missing it in 2018. Canada returns after a 36-year hiatus, only appearing before that in her 1986. Wales made her first appearance in 64 years. This is a record deficit for a European team that debuted in 1958. Four-time world champions and reigning European champions Italy lost in the semi-finals of the qualifying playoffs, failing to qualify for two consecutive World Cups for the first time in their history. The Italians are the only former champions not to have qualified, making them the highest-ranked team in the FIFA world rankings. They became the fourth team to miss the next World Cup after winning the previous UEFA European Championship due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Chile, which won the Copa America in 2015 and 2016, also failed to qualify for the second year in a row. Nigeria has qualified for the last three World Cups and six of the last seven World Cups after being eliminated on away goals by Ghana in the final round of the CAF playoffs. Egypt, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Iceland, and Sweden all qualified for the 2018 World Cup, but also failed to qualify for the 2022 tournament.

 In 2010, when Qatar was chosen to host the 2022 World Cup, Sepp Blatter, the previous president of FIFA, faced criticism from some nations. There were allegations that this was a nation with little to no history in football. All in all, much of Asia shared the same sentiment. It's interesting to note that after eight years, all the criticism has evaporated as Qatar defeated Japan 3-1 in the Asian Cup 2019 final.