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Notebooks are your greatest companion for both business and educational purposes. From sketching that masterpiece to jotting down the amazing idea, it all starts with your notebook. You can now make those moments more memorable with Thewarehouse customized notebooks. A very important step for any writer is to create a system that fits his work habits. Some people write simple notes in their notebooks with entries under the status and date. The notebook should have a sticker on the front cover, and the project (date, staff, address and project details) should be detailed on the first page. When the notebook is complete, there may be a few blank pages left in the TOE items. Each page must have a date and initials. Items commonly recorded in notebooks include meeting notes, test notes, formulas, drawings, references, schedules, spreadsheets, equipment readings, and materials used (grade, supplier, concentration). In short, be sure to include all the elements in enough detail so that they can be useful later when writing a description of what you did.